Welcome to our little corner of the wine world

People enjoy wine on many different occasions. Wine is part of life.
We at Stockwine Group combine a passion for wine with the ambition to build the wine company of the future. Some of us have many years of experience in the wine industry, others from the financial sector, while some have worked for many years as executives in other industries. From this strategic platform, we have a breadth to draw on and work from that is rare in the wine industry.

Safeguarding our brands is a job we take very seriously. We never compromise on quality, whether in terms of our partnerships or our wines. Simply put, we strive to offer carefully selected quality wines!

We have our noses in the glass and our eyes and ears on the market, and are animated by joy, desire and inquisitiveness in working with what we know and love. But Stockwine isn’t just about passion for wine – it’s hard work and ”business in a bottle”.

We think of ourselves as wine importers 2.0. We think you’ll like this.
We operate through our two companies, Gullberg ”by Stockwine” and Stockholm Wine Importers.

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Our reality and what we believe

Stockwine Group operates in Sweden – a country that, despite its lack of domestic wine production, is one of the leaders in Europe in terms of per capita wine consumption. People here are open-minded about products from various places around the world and are receptive to new trends.

This is Stockwine Group’s reality. Our vision is to satisfy the market’s desires, and our way of doing this is to take a step back from the stuffy, worn-out wine snobbishness that’s so prevalent today.

Truth be told, we’re tired of all the preconceived notions about wine and about people in the wine industry. Biased folks may tend to believe that we’re a bunch of snobs who can’t take a sip without gargling and passing judgement. Or that we’d never deign to drink wine from a box.
This is untrue. We have high standards, but we think that wine should be simple and easily approachable. What do you think?


Why we started

Our gang at Stockwine Group strives to meet the needs of all wine producers. In our view, this means having economic expertise, brand instinct, true culinary mastery, command of the ways of the Swedish Alcohol Retailing Monopoly, international business experience and strategic networking with the best in the industry.

We consider this to be an absolute necessity today.
Why are we a wine importing company talking about our people and our skills? Why aren’t we talking about wine?

Well, some people believe that it’s just about romance and wine, passion for the noble grape and a hobby that went a little crazy. Nothing could be further from the truth. We work hand in hand with a hard working industry. It’s agricultural and politics, it’s people that struggle, people whose harvests are destroyed by rain and grapevine disease. It’s ethical debates about the product, the moral dilemma of heavy bottles that float across the ocean and impact the environment. It’s competition, business and brands. It’s all about bringing in the harvest and bringing products to market.

So, clearly, all this hard work is done because wine is good … but we know that these winemakers and their employees need good representatives out on the markets to make it all worthwhile. This is why we talk about so much more than wine.


Who we are

It stands to reason that people in our industry, in a country like Sweden, must have genuine experience in working on a monopoly market as well as a large global network to provide the market with wine.

But it’s equally important to be the best at creating dialogue and relationships with Swedish restaurants and hotels – and we are! Our sales people are really extraordinary – they not only love wine, they also possess expertise. At the end of the day, this benefits restaurant guests.

Stockwine Group is made up of people from widely varying professional backgrounds. We’re wine experts, brand specialists, finance hounds, chefs and record company executives. We believe this is a recipe for success in today’s complex business environment.

In our industry, it’s pretty unique to run an import company with so many diverse skills on top of wine expertise. But we believe that financial strength and robustness ensures and safeguards future directional choices. Like a chef’s sixth sense about what’s on the way, leading us in the right direction.

Equally important is an aggressive branding strategy, since the beverage industry is so strongly influenced by trends and lifestyles. So we’re delighted to have people on board who know food retail and consumer behaviour. This benefits Sweden’s wine purchasers.


A little bit about our idea, vision and goals

Stockwine Grop is a company that has fully understood the trend facing the wine industry – namely, business in a bottle. Our goal is to have the best wines, the highest levels of efficiency and quality in all processes, and to be a good value for all our customers.

Small wine producers will feel safe and empowered by what we at Stockwine Group possess in the form of expertise and by what we offer.

The large multinational wine suppliers will also understand that they’ve met their peer and speaking partner.

Restaurants and chefs are our best friends, and will always listen closely to what they say.


Gullberg by Stockwine

Gullberg by Stockwine is all about good wine. And people who have that little something extra. We live and work in Sweden, and all of us who have gotten together to run this company have a passion for wine and for building the wine company of the future. We are animated by joy, inquisitiveness and the desire to work with what we know and love.

The company Gullberg & Gullberg was founded in the mid-2000s by music company director Stefan Gullberg. Stefan’s vision to build a portfolio of wines with great personality and a lot of attitude is something we’re building on and carrying with us into the next phase. Wine rocks!

Today, the company is a subsidiary of Stockwine Group AB and sells primarily to restaurants and hotels. The company works chiefly with ”fine wines”, wines from internationally superior, talked-about and renowned producers. We take pride in being ambassadors for the people who own and operate the vineyards we choose our wine from – we call them friends rather than suppliers.

Gullberg by Stockwine is based in large part on the combination of wine and food, particularly in light of our excellent , close relationships with many of Sweden’s best chefs. Since our sales people meet restaurants and sommeliers on a daily basis, they’re highly qualified and respected – they know wine and they know what they’re talking about.

Notwithstanding our exclusive portfolio, we’re humble, flexible and fleet of foot. We are happy to have a producer deliver to both Gullberg ”by Stockwine” and to our other company, Stockholm Wine Importers.


Stockholm Wine Importers AB

Stockholm Wine Importers, a subsidiary of Stockwine Group, focuses on affordable products in the mid-price range, as well as on quality, honesty and ethics. We work with many different brands, chiefly contra the Swedish Alcohol Retailing Monopoly, and have vast knowledge of what the market demands. The bulk of our products are volume wines packaged for various purposes.

We follow trends all around the world, work actively with product development and see great value in maintaining a good dialogue with our customers. We also take great care to safeguard the integrity of all brands in a way that favours all parties involved.

A producer is equally welcome to deliver to us and to our other company, Gullberg ”by Stockwine”.